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Can you find hidden words in a letter maze? We have a number of mazes for you to try: Airport, Marina, and Downtown. The words come from IN ENGLISH ON YOUR OWN vocabulary lessons.

How to Play

  1. Pick a scene from one of the following (sample words are listed in parentheses).

    AIRPORT (Arrival, Departure, Pilot, Runway)
    MARINA (Boat, Dock, Pond, Sunny)
    DOWNTOWN (City, Elevator, Freeway, Hotel)

  2. Look over the word list. Then find a word from the list in the maze. Words may go across, down, or diagonal.

  3. Click in the box that contains the first letter of the word.
    If you are right, the entire word is highlighted. If you are wrong, nothing changes. Just try again.

  4. Continue through the list until you find every word in the maze.

  5. Ready to play? Click on any one of the mazes:
    Airport | Marina | Downtown

To try another maze, just follow the link back to this page. Good luck!

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