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ALPHA BOOK, Teacher Edition and Student Workbook.
Lynne Madden and James Forster

Teaching preliterates requires an awareness of their special needs, whether they are unschooled non-English speakers, literate speakers of non-Roman languages, or illiterate English speakers. The ALPHA BOOK provides curriculum to help you recognize and overcome the obstacles faced by these students. The authors offer perspective and insight based on their own extensive experience.

The ALPHA BOOK may be used as a core text or in conjunction with other materials in classroom or tutoring situations.

Easy Steps to the Manuscript Alphabet

The alphabet and 100 words are taught in 23 lessons. Student pages include lessons in order based on the increasing complexity of the manual dexterity needed to produce the letters. The vocabulary of 100 words consists of 43 functional words adults need to know, 43 from the Dolch basic sight vocabulary list, and 14 words needed for maximum practice of the letters.

The Teacher Edition includes a comprehensive introduction and day-by-day suggestions for using the student pages to teach the alphabet. Specific suggestions are made for identifying preliterates in the general ESL population, matching early tasks to student skill levels, motivating students who may have no positive school experiences, and developing needed fine motor skills.

The ALPHA BOOK is the basis for 50 to 80 hours of instruction, and is easy for teachers to use. It fulfills a basic need for any teacher faced with teaching the preliterate, providing a systematic methodology focused exclusively on their unique needs.

This product may be purchased as individual books or as a license. The license includes a binder of duplication masters and a CD from which pages can be printed. You may print as many copies as needed of the 56-page student workbook pages and blank lined paper, and provide instructor material to every interested teacher at your site.

Developed and written by Lynne Madden and James Forster, the ALPHA BOOK is published by and is exclusively available from Video Language.

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