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IN ENGLISH ON YOUR OWN is a four-unit video set of sequential lessons starting at the very beginning level. These structures also apply to IN ENGLISH, Volume 1.
Unit One (6 one-half hour lessons)
  1. this, these; it, they
  2. the verb "to be", present tense
  3. "wh" questions: Where, Who, What
  4. adjectives (new car, old car)
  5. a, an, no article
  6. the imperatives of a few verbs
  7. prepositions (in, on, with, etc.)
Vocabulary: 104 new
Topics: greetings
Unit Two (6 one-half hour lessons)
  1. that, those
  2. the verb "to be", present
  3. adjectives, colors
  4. "wh" questions: Where, Who, What
  5. prepositions: under, of
Vocabulary: 96 new
Topics: time, numbers, colors, personal identification
Unit Three (6 one-half hour lessons)
  1. there is, there are
  2. "wh" questions: Who, What, Which one, Where
  3. adverbs of frequency: always, never
  4. noun substitutes: one, ones
  5. preposition (at)
Vocabulary: 75 new
Topics: weather, days of the week, introductions
Unit Four (6 one-half hour lessons)
  1. there is/there are
  2. questions: How many, When, Who, Where, What is the date?
  3. adverbs of frequency: sometimes, ever
  4. you, him, her, us...: object pronouns
  5. contractions (e.g. sky's blue)
  6. other/another
Vocabulary: 105 new
Topics: months, seasons, feelings, directions

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